Getting React Apps Search Engine indexed

               First of all, let’s see what google recommends to do for getting your page indexed. Google recommends not doing anything different for SEO on a single page application. They say as long as your application is built semantically and renders quickly, it should rank. Let’s look at two rendering methods.

Server-side Pre-rendering is a way to start with if you want Search Engine indexing work for React. In react, there are many ways to do Server Side Pre-rendering. When choosing SSR the chances of being indexed by Google are significantly higher since you don’t have to rely on Googlebot working with your JS at all.

Client Side Rendering- If you have built a normal React app with no SSR you don’t have to deal with any added complexity of SSR. You have to be sure that your JS compiles and is run correctly by Googlebot.

Server-side pre-rendering too hard compared to client-side rendering. Client-side rendering works with Googlebot. Adding babel-polyfill to imports as early as possible will do a great task. Reduce load time by inlining javascript. Add NODE_ENV.