Lavalite, The Coder’s CMS Recipe

Lavalites helps you to quickly set up a content management system or a cloud-based application based on Laravel. Its package builder and marketplace will help you to build or find additional packages required for your application.

IT’S Delightful

Key features

Equipped with highly proficient and envious features

Responsive Layout

Built with the most advanced bootstrap framework, to make powerful applications.

Open Source Freebie

Lavalite is a free open source CMS tool; so that you don't need to pay a single penny to start over.

Lightweight UI/UX

Simple architecture made much easier to handle aside the power of Laravel.

Easily customizable

Easiness in customization; marked it as a durable web application development tool.

Lifetime updates

Continual improvisation paved the way towards the innovation of this beautiful artifact.

24/7 support system

We provide the best support team to assist you always round-the-clock.

Salient Features

Modern and Simplistic - Lavalite is composed with all the features you need to make your website a superb one. It isn’t like a sack that is wrapped up with too much hassle to get engaged in. Lavalite is built on the latest Laravel framework with advanced PHP language features.

Open Source bundle - No need of paying any chunk of money on the packages associated with Lavalite. There is no usage restrictions and is flexible to use in whatever form you needs. Lavalite with its powerful and flexible HMVC architecture promotes good design and offers best practices.

Extendability - This feature enables Lavalite and its properties to be extendible for somewhat to develop useful plugins, packages, hooks etc and apply them to your brand new website.

The NexGen CMS

Lavalite is a content management system that is developed with a standardized collection of tools and packages that are used to build and maintain a sustainable web presence. Lavalite is not restricted to a particular industry or specialization; it’s aimed to support and serve utmost industries regardless of whatever services they provide.

Using market available proprietary software, a company or an individual might need to follow the frozen trend-set which was created by the owner and which will intern lead to the use of more and more powerful hardware – This is where Lavalite shows its efficiency as an open source entity – where it reflects to be flexible with respect to the environment where it is going to be implemented. Bring your website’s presence anywhere and make it displayed as you like it to be.

powerful packages

Our Products

Lavalite will enlight your business needs with the most eloquent piece of productive measures

It's amazing

Elite Enhancements

Lavalite brings you the most stunning enhancements to develop and modulate your website resources

Multilingual Support

Build websites in multilingual and offer your customers to write up in their own native.

Custom based taxonomies

You're free to be at your semantic-self by writing your own categories, tags etc.

Zero coding hazzles

Enhance your developer skills with easily usable packages, and reduce coding problems.