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Laravel Engineer

Part Time
  • New York
  • Salary : $ 500000
  • Post Date: 25 Jul 2018
Roles :

Job Description

We are looking for an advanced Laravel engineer to join our team in New York. As a Backend Engineer, you will collaborate with interface engineers, designers, and producers to bring digital products to life.

You will be responsible for architecting and building backend applications for our clients using a range of solutions including our open source toolkit for Laravel, Twill; or packaged solutions such as Wordpress or Drupal where needed. In addition to your work as a system architect, you will integrate front end templates and modules within the backend platform, and assist Engineering Directors in researching optimal methodology based on the project requirements.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Modern PHP
  • Laravel
  • MySQL / PostgreSQL
  • Git
  • Provisioning scripts and deploy flows with tools such as Forge and Ansible
  • Writing and maintaining virtual machines via Docker or similar
  • HTML/JS integration


  • Amazon Web Services
  • Elastic Search
  • Wordpress
  • Node.js
  • Modern JavaScript libraries like Vue.js and React
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Drupal
  • Continuous integration and automated deployment pipelines