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Lavalite development is based on packages, our online package builder helps you to create packages in few easy steps.

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Lavalite user interface mock
Lavalite user interface mock
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Quick start

Now it's time to start editing some lines of code

Start your projects by installing the lavalite to your system.

  • Install Lavalite

    Install the basic software needed to run a Laravel projects and execute the code composer create-project LavaLite/cms --prefer-dist website to install Lavalite to your system.

  • Create packages

    Using the online package builder you can build the packages required to develop your website or application.

  • Customize the Theme

    Lavalite provides 4 basic themes that you can use it for free. You can buy or download more themes form the online marketplace.

  • Deploy

    Once everything finished you can deploy the application on any server you preference