Debugging Node.js

Their are debuggers like Google Chrome command line debugger, Chrome DevTools, node-inspector. Node inspector may not work with latest versions of Node.js it doesn’t support logging to browser console. As part of Google Chrome developer Tools V8 debugger was released and it is being used to debug Node.js by developers. Let’s see how it works. Download binaries, installers and source tarballs are available from website. You can download any releases like nightly release, current and TLS releases from the website. To verify binaries download directories contain SHASUMS256.txt file with SHA checksums for the files. Using curl command below you can download text file.

$curl -O

Then check if the file matches the checksum by running it through sha256sum with following command.

$ grep node-vx.y.z.tar.gz SHASUMS256.txt | sha256sum -c -

For current and LTS releases use gpg along with GPG detached signature of SHASUMS256.txt which is in SHASUMS256.txt.sig to verify integrity of SHASUMS256.txt. Now import GPG keys.

$ gpg --keyserver –recv-keys DD8F2338BAE7501E3DD5AC78C273792F7D83545D

Then download the SHASUMS256.txt.sig for releases.

$curl -O

Using gpg --verify SHASUMS256.txt.sig SHASUMS256.txt verify the files signature.

Build Node.js by the instructions in node github