Just-in-Time and Ahead-of-Time compilation concepts in Angular.Js

In JiT each files is compiled separately whereas in AoT all code is compiled together, in-lining HTML/CSS in the scripts. JiT is suitable for local development and AoT is suitable for production builds. JiT compilation is slower than AoT in loading the application since it needs to compile the application when running for the first time. AoT is quicker than JiT. JiT downloads the compiler then compiles the application. AoT doesn't want to download the compiler so AoT compiles the code while building the application. The bundle size of JiT compiled code will be higher since it includes the compiler code also. AoT creates a fully compiled and optimized code so the bundle size will be lesser than JiT. In JiT the template binding errors can be viewed while displaying the application. In AoT the template binding errors can be viewed at the time of building.